We were joined by Mari Gay, Managing Director, NHS Herefordshire and Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, who discussed Stroke Services in Worcestershire. We also discussed the system wide response to our Hospital Discharge Report.

Agenda PBM 18.11.2021 v2

Approved Minures PBM 18.11.2021

Enc 2 HWW Reply to HWHCT Response to CARS report.

Enc 3 System response to HWW Report 2021.10.27 HW response FINAL

Enc 4  HWW response to Action Plan – ST letter Vs 2

Enc 5 QF Case Study for HWE

HWW Case Study Slides

Enc 6 Business Plan Progress Report to the Board

Enc 7 A&E Project Plan

Enc 8  YP Health & Emotional Wellbeing Survey – Project Plan

Enc 9a Monitoring reports include:

Analysis of Enquiries Q2

Engagement Data

Equal Opportunities Monitoring Return

Number of Contacts with Members of the Public Q2 2021-22

Reference & Engagement Group

Enc 9b HWW Performance Monitoring Report Q2 [June – July] 2021-22

Enc 10  HWW draft response to NHSE NEPT consultation