Agenda HWW PBM 30.11.2023 v2

Approved Minutes

Enc 1 NHS H&W Fuller stocktake report presentation

Enc 2 Alliance Presentation

Enc 4 HWW 2023-2025 Business Plan v2.0

Enc 5 HWW comments on WCC Adult Social Care Strategy Nov 2023

Enc 6 HWW comment on WCC’s Prevention and Early Intervention Strategy

Enc 7 Report of Feedback from HWW on WCC Online Forms vs 1

Enc 8 HWW Draft Spotlight Report PH messaging

Enc 9 HWW Draft Spotlight report PSA testing

Enc 10 HWW Draft Social Value Report 2022-2023 v2

Enc 11 HWW PMR Q1 & Q2 2023-24

Enc 11a Engagement Data

Enc 11b Reference and Engagement Group

Enc 11c Public Contacts

Enc 11d Equal Opportunities Monitoring Return

Enc 11e Analysis of Enquiries