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Agenda v5

Enc 1 Draft Minutes HWW PBM 25.01.2024 v1

Enc 3 DRAFT Report of Engagement With People with a Vision Impairment

Enc 10 HWW 2023-2025 Business Plan v2.3

Enc 11 HWW PMR Q3 [October – December] 2023-24

Enc 11a Analysis of Enquiries Q3 23-24

Enc 11b Engagement Data Q3 23-24

Enc 11c Equal Opportunities Monitoring Return Q3 23-24

Enc 11d Public Contacts Q3 23-24

Enc 11e Reference and Engagement Group Q3 23-24

ICB response to HWW enquiry ref accountability for sensory impairment

ICB response to HWW enquiry ref PSA Testing