Worcester News Article – 29th July

Healthwatch Worcestershire attended a Westminster Health Forum last week to hear about the next steps for mental health services in England. Speakers included service users who shared their expertise and challenged NHS Directors and Chief Executives, to do more to support small frontline organisations and user led groups who provide crucial support to people in their recovery. The National Mental Health Director spoke about the new investment of £2.3 billion for Mental Health and confirmed the implementation plan for its expenditure has now been published. Worcestershire will receive its quota of this new money and local implementation plans will be available for everyone to see how it will be spent.

Over the summer period we will be out an about talking to people about awareness and uptake of screening and immunisation in Worcestershire. If you don’t see us at an event near you, you can visit our website to take our short survey and find out more about what screening and immunisations may be available for you and your family. Do let us know if you are happy for us to come along to speak to a group or meeting to collect responses to the survey and chat with people about their experiences.

Thank you to Fortis who held a Family day in Malvern on Friday. It was a great opportunity to talk to people about their experiences of using local health and social care services. As well as adults completing our survey on screening and immunisation, lots of children and young people enjoyed having a say in their own survey about health prevention.

If you would like to know more our work or have an experience of health or social care to share with us in confidence, please contact us on 01386 550 264 or info@healthwatchworcestershire.co.uk