Worcester News Article – 13th July

Last week saw the launch of a national campaign by the Care Quality Commission, and Healthwatch England. They have joined forces to launch ‘Because We All Care’, which aims to help services identify and address quality issues, as well as support patients in response to Covid-19, by encouraging people to share feedback about their experiences of health and social care services in England. The key message is that every piece of information is valuable for those delivering health and social care services, so it’s vital that people don’t hold back from giving feedback – whether it’s big or small, good or bad. It could make a real difference to the care that you, your loved ones and your community receives.

There is still time to take part in our Covid-19 survey before it closes at the end of this week, to share your experiences of accessing health and care services during the pandemic. Visit our website or contact us to take part.

As issues and concerns regarding social care services continue to be raised nationally, we have been pleased to see health services and social care services locally working more closely together during Covid-19. The quality of social care services and continuation of this joint working will be one of the key issues we raise this week when we meet with Worcestershire County Council’s new Director of People.
In the last two weeks we have been participating in a number of online meetings, including the Learning Disability Partnership Board, Children and Young People’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Partnership Board and the Acute Hospital Trust Board Meeting, to ensure that your voice and feedback about current issues continues to be heard.

We will be holding our own Public Board Meeting online via Zoom this Wednesday 15th July at 10am. We encourage members of the public to join the meeting to take part and find out more about our current work. Further information, including agenda and Zoom joining instructions can be found on our website.

Visit www.healthwatchworcestershire.co.uk to complete our Covid-19 survey, for information about our Public Board Meeting and for information about our work. Or contact us to share your experiences of local services in confidence and have your voice heard – info@healthwatchworcestershire.co.uk / 01386 550264.