HWW Question

(In relation to the decision to restrict access to hip and knee surgery) Given that we understand the Governing Body has similar decisions to make that will further restrict the range of services available to patients please can you provide a commitment that the CCG in taking those decisions will in future involve patients and the public in a meaningful way:
• in the commissioning of services
• in the development and consideration of proposals for changes in the way the services are provided.
And, that the CCG will rely on relevant and appropriate criteria in making clinical decisions.

CCG Answer

Absolutely. You’ll be aware that CCGs have always maintained a strong commitment to involving patients in commissioning decisions that we make, and having a Lay Member for Patient and Public Involvement on our Governing Body reinforces that approach. We continue to see the local benefits that meaningful engagement brings to the planning, designing and monitoring of our services and are committed to continuing this work. We see our relationship with Healthwatch as critical in helping to ensure that we do this in a meaningful way and continue to welcome the important role that you play in championing local patient voices.