Worcester News Article – 3rd April

At our Public Board Meeting on Friday 24th March we heard feedback from Worcestershire County Council about how they plan to implement changes following their recent Ofsted Inspection of Children’s Services, in which they were rated Inadequate. Catherine Driscoll, Director for Children, Families and Communities and Councillor Marc Bayliss, Cabinet Member for Children and Families gave an overview of the issues facing Children’s Services and took questions and comments from the public and local voluntary organisations in attendance. We also had a presentation from the Worcestershire Safeguarding Children Board.

At the meeting we agreed a number of Healthwatch Worcestershire reports for publication. This included two children and young people reports: one focussing on health and emotional wellbeing information, advice and support and another feeding back good and bad experiences of care gathered through our recent engagement with children and young people.

Other reports due to for publication include: Themes and Thoughts: An Overview of Meaningful Activity in 13 Care and Nursing Homes for Older People in Worcestershire, which we will be prompting over the next month. We will also be requesting a response from the local Clinical Commissioning Groups about our report and recommendations based on feedback from our survey of GP Practices about procedures for lending equipment to patients and the use of loan agreements and charging deposits.

Over the last week we have raised concerns with the Clinical Commissioning Groups in Worcestershire about the public engagement process for proposals to restrict access to assisted conception. Although a meeting was organised to give members of the public an opportunity to discuss proposals, information was only available on request and not widely available. The consultation on this is ongoing until 12th April and we would encourage anyone to take part by visiting the CCG websites.

For more information about Healthwatch Worcestershire, or to share your experiences about health and social care services, please visit our website or contact us at info@healthwatchworcestershire.co.uk or phone 01386 550 264 .