Worcester News Article – 3rd May

The Covid-19 vaccination programme in England has now extended to include all people aged 40 and over. Across Herefordshire and Worcestershire the NHS is encouraging people to book their vaccinations when they become eligible and also stressing the importance of attending appointments to receive the second dose, to ensure maximum protection from Covid-19.

It is now time for people who received their first dose at the end of January and in February to receive the second part of their vaccination. The NHS has been planning to ensure that people can get that second dose when it is the right time for them to do so, and all vaccination services have supply. Please come forward for the second part of your vaccination when you are contacted or if you have an appointment booked. If it is three calendar months since the first part of your vaccination and you have not received a second appointment, please contact your GP or go to www.nhs.uk

We are still keen to hear about any concerns people have about the Covid-19 vaccination – both about the vaccine itself and any practical issues people are experiencing that would make it difficult for them to attend to receive it. Please visit our website to complete our short survey or contact us if you would like paper copies.

Over the last two weeks we have taken part in a number of meetings to ensure that the feedback we have received through our recent surveys and engagement is influencing the way services are being delivered and in future planning, especially in relation to children and young people’s emotional wellbeing, learning disabilities and Autism. Your feedback is also key in other meetings we have attended, including those looking at the quality of local Acute Hospital services, information sharing with the Care Quality Commission GP inspection team and meetings looking at Integrated Care Records, Dementia and end of life planning. Attending a GP practice patient group in Kidderminster and the Redditch Covid-19 Response Partnership have also helped us develop our understanding of current local community issues.

Please visit our website www.healthwatchworcestershire.co.uk to take part in our current surveys and tell us about your experiences of local health and care services in confidence. Or contact us on 01386 550264 / info@healthwatchworcestershire.co.uk