Worcester News Article – 20th March

On Friday 24th March we will be holding a Public Board Meeting at the Civic Centre in Pershore from 10am – 12.30pm.  We will be discussing our Children and Young People Reports, our report ‘An Overview of Meaningful Activity in 13 Care and Nursing Homes for Older People in Worcestershire’ and our report on GP Equipment Loans.  An update will be provided on our visits to the Emergency Departments at The Worcestershire Royal Hospital and The Alexandra Hospital where we are talking to patients about their experiences of being nursed on a trolley in the corridor. Worcestershire County Council will be attending to give feedback and take public questions, about their recent Ofsted Inspection of Children’s Services, in which they were rated as Inadequate. The Worcestershire Safeguarding Children Board will also be presenting their Annual Report.  Please come and join us.

You may recall in a recent article we reported Worcestershire’s Clinical Commissioning Groups plan to restrict access to Hip and Knee replacement surgery.  We wrote to the CCGs challenging the clinical basis for their decision making and have also asked why this decision has been made without engagement or consultation with local people.  We also appeared on regional TV challenging the decision.  Following this we understand that NHS England has written to all CCGs telling them to stop restricting access to hip and knee surgery. We are following this up with NHS England, and understand Worcestershire’s CCGs are considering the implications of the letter for hip and knee replacement surgery in Worcestershire. We have asked NHS England for a copy of the letter

The CCGs, who are responsible for buying healthcare services for Worcestershire residents, are now seeking your views about proposals to reduce or stop access to certain medicines, treatments, products and food items on prescription, including treatments/medicines for short-term, minor conditions/ailments, Gluten-free foods and access to assisted conception (including IVF).  This engagement exercise will last 5 weeks and close on Wednesday 12th April 2017.  To find out more and have your say on these proposals you can visit the CCG websites.