Worcester News Article – 24th August

Whilst one of our jobs is to hold the local Clinical Commissioning Group to account for involving patients and the public in commissioning health services, we also offer support and I welcomed the conversation we have had with the officer responsible for commissioning diabetes services in Worcestershire. As a diabetic myself I am only too aware of the impact this disease can have on your health and wellbeing and the difference a good diabetic service can have. The CCG is going to set up a Worcestershire-wide Diabetes Network in the Autumn and will be looking to recruit patients and carers from different backgrounds who have recent lived experience of diabetes to join the Network.
Another issue we have raised recently with the CCG relates to conversations and assessments about care and resuscitation in emergency situations. Concerns had been raised with us by family carer representatives about how this has been working for people with a learning disability in hospital during Covid-19. Following our request for further information, we received a comprehensive response about the ReSPECT – Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment – process, how this is being implemented in Worcestershire and how the process will be quality assured. The response from the CCG can be found along with other requests and responses relating to issues and concerns we have raised during Covid-19 on our website.
Over the last two weeks we have participated in meetings such as the Worcestershire Covid-19 Outbreak Control Plan Engagement Briefing, the West Midlands Cancer Alliance Patient Advisory Group and a meeting with local voluntary sector organisations on Responding Together to Covid-19 in Worcestershire. We have also seen further NHS services resuming. Following our work on Screening and Immunisation, we are pleased to see that routine Cancer screening is now starting to take place and that there is a continued push to encourage people to ensure they are up to date with routine immunisations.
We are grateful to those contacting us to share their experiences of accessing services and recent changes. This will enable us to represent your voice as the restoration of services continues. Please contact us in confidence or report your experience anonymously via our website to have your voice heard. www.healthwatchworcestershire.co.uk / info@healthwatchworcestershire.co.uk / 01386 550264