Worcester News Article – 23rd August

It was great to be back talking to people face-to-face at the Worcester Show on 15th August. The main issue we were discussing with people is how they feel about accessing health services online. It is such a key issue at the moment and a topic that is important to have the chance to discuss in person rather than online.

During Covid-19 GP practices and increasingly hospitals have been using telephone and video call consultations in place of face-to-face appointments. There has also been an increase in the use of online services such as email and text message communication and ordering of prescriptions. We want to understand more about what people think about finding information and communicating with health services online. We know that not everyone has access to the internet or finds it easy to use. If you would be happy to complete our survey, by phone or by post, or if you are organising a group or event that we could attend to talk to people about this issue, please get in touch. We will use the feedback we receive to tell health services about the things they need to consider when they are planning how services will operate in the future.

We always want to hear your experiences of using local health and social care services. People can contact us to give us feedback about any service or issue, but we are currently especially keen to hear about experiences of GP Practices. We would like to know how easy you find contacting your practice by phone, arranging appointments and getting to see a Doctor face-to-face if you need to, as these are some of the issues that have been raised with us recently.

Please get in touch to share your experiences of local health and social care service in confidence, to help us to make a difference. You can call us on 01386 550264 or email us at info@healthwatchworcestershire.co.uk or give your feedback via the Tell Us page of our website www.healthwatchworcestershire.co.uk