Worcester News Article – 16th July

During our Public Board Meeting on Friday 13th July we discussed a number of our reports to be published, work we are planning to continue with or begin and opportunities for local people to be involved. Our report ‘People’s Experience of Adult Social Work Services’ was agreed by the Board and is now available on our website. This piece of work aimed to capture the experiences of a group of people we do not hear from regularly. We wanted to give these potentially vulnerable people the opportunity to engage with us meaningfully over potentially sensitive topics. The report raises four points for consideration by Worcestershire County Council, these are around Provision of Information, Interaction with the Social Worker, Carers and Finance and Budget Pressures. The Board agreed our report ‘Care in the Corridor at the Worcester Royal Hospital’. This report follows on from our original piece which took place during February and March 2017 during which we spoke with 119 patients about their experiences of being cared for in the corridor at the Worcester Royal Hospital (WRH). Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust welcomed the report and produced an Action Plan. During April 2018 we carried out unannounced visits to follow up on the implementation of our recommendations as set out in the Action Plan. To access the full report and read the findings of these visits please visit our website. We also discussed NHS England’s Consultation on Evidence Based Interventions. NHS England states “At both national and local levels, there is a general consensus that more needs to be done to ensure the least effective interventions are not routinely performed, or only performed in more clearly defined circumstances”. We would like to hear your views on this so please do get in touch. You can also respond to the consultation directly by visiting www.england.nhs.uk/evidencebased-interventions/ We attended the Autism Strategic Partnership Board to discuss the work we will be doing to support and encourage the implementation of the recommendations in our recent Autism Spectrum Conditions Report. In particular, encouraging health services to increase awareness of Autism amongst staff and implement adjustments. We will also be exploring further issues around accessing mental health support for people with Autism. If you would like to attend one of our Public Board meetings we will be holding our next one at 10am on Friday 14th July at Evesham Town Hall. All our published reports are available on our website: www.healthwatchworcestershire.co.uk If you would like further information on our work or have an experience of health or social care to share with us in confidence please contact us on 01386 550 264 or info@healthwatchworcestershire.co.uk .