Home Working Expenses Policy

DBS Policy

Managing the Menopause

JM Zero Hours V2 Policy 03.10.19.

V2 Code of Conduct 01.07.13.

V2 Diversity and Inclusion policy 05.07.13.

V2 Social Media Guidance 03.10.19.

V2 Travel and Subsistence 03.10.19.

V2 Whistleblowing Policy 17.10.16.

V3 Retention and Disposal Policy 03.10.19.

V4 Dignity at Work policy 29.11.18.

V4 Flexible Working Guide 02.10.19.

V4 Leave Policy 02.10.19.

V4 Performance Appraisal 03.10.19.

V4 Recruitment and Selection Policy 03.12.18.

V5 Annualised Hours Policy 01.10.19.

V5 Display Screen Equipment Policy 02.10.19.

V5 Health and wellbeing policy 02.10.19.

V5 Homeworking policy 30.11.18.

V5 Managing Absence policy 01.10.19.

V5 Remuneration (Reward) Policy 03.10.19.

V6 Grievance Policy and Procedure 02.10.19.

V7 Capability Policy and Procedure 01.10.19.

V7 Disciplinary Policy and Procedure 02.10.19.

V8 Organisational Change (and Redundancy) 02.10.19.

V9 Children and Families (Mat, Pat, Adopt) 02.10.19.