Agenda v1

Approved Minutes

Healthwatch Engagement Report NHS Long Term Plan_[Enc 2]

The future of the Herefordshire and Worcestershire CCGs [Enc 4]

Draft response to proposal to merge CCGs [Enc 5]

HWW Draft Business Plan – Board July 2019 [Enc 6]

Business Plan Voting – Results from Annual Conference [Enc 7]

Annual Accounts 2018/19 [Enc 8]

Fracture Clinics Draft Report – [Enc 9]

Draft Volunteer Handbook [Enc 10]

HWW Response to WHCT QA 18-19 – Final [Enc 11]

WAHT QA Response – 14th June [ENC 12]

QA Primrose Hospice Response 2019 [Enc 13]

Heathwatch and Thematic Review

Safegaurding Homeless People with Care and Support Needs