Worcester News Article – 6th March

You may have seen in local and national media patients are being nursed in corridor areas in the Worcestershire Royal Hospital and occasionally at the Alexandra Hospital. One of the powers Healthwatch has is to “Enter and View” premises where health services are being delivered to talk with people about the service and to see for ourselves how care is being provided. We are visiting at different times on weekdays and weekends, the staff do not know when we will be arriving.  As the patients voice Healthwatch wants to know what the experience of being nursed in a corridor is like for people. We are asking patients about care, the environment, privacy and dignity and the information they have been given about the corridor areas.  We have already spoken to about 40 patients and provided the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust with some feedback from patients, which they are responding to.  When we have completed our visits we will produce a Report and make recommendations about how the situation can be improved from the patient’s point of view.


You may also be aware the three Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Worcestershire plan to restrict access to Hip and Knee Replacements.  When the CCGs surveyed the public about potential cost savings last year around 80% of people opposed these changes.  We have written to the CCGs challenging the clinical basis for their decision making and have also asked why this decision has been made without engagement or consultation with local people beyond the survey referred to above.

Worcestershire County Council will be attending our next Public Meeting to give feedback following the recent Ofsted Inspection of Children’s Services. The Worcestershire Safeguarding Children Board will also be attending to present their Annual Report. Come along on Friday 24th March, at 10am at the Civic Centre in Pershore.

For more information about Healthwatch Worcestershire, or to share your experiences about health and social care services, please visit our website or contact us at info@healthwatchworcestershire.co.uk or phone 01386 550 264 .