WATCH – Recording of Item 4 – Worcestershire Acute Hospital NHS Trust CEO Matthew Hopkins


Agenda v2 PBM 27.01.2022

Approved Minutes PBM 27.01.22

Enc 2 HWW’s response to WASB’s draft self neglect and hoarding policy

Enc 3 Response to NEPTS Consultation [final]

Enc 4 HWW Letter to CEO WAHT ref Trauma and Planned surgery Final

Enc 5 Business Plan progress report

Enc 6 Draft Digital Access to Healthcare Report

Enc 7 A&E Headline Findings v2

Enc 8 Performance Monitoring Report Q3 21-22

Included within the Monitoring Report:

HWW Q3 Accounts 2021-22

Analysis of Enquiries Q3

Engagement Data 2021-22

Equal Opps Monitoring Return 2021-22

Public Contacts Q3

Reference and Engagement Group