Approved Minutes

Letter to CEO WCC ref commissioning of outreach services for homeless

Letter from West Mercia Police ref Mr Cardon Banfield

Cardon Banfield response from WCC

Letter to Chair of HOSC [Enc 3]

Letter ref Stroke Services 18.07.2018 [Enc 4a]

Accountable Officer of CCG’s response to request for assurance [Enc 4b]

Draft – HWW Response to Evidence Based Intervention Consultation – Sept 2018 v0.1 [Enc 5]

Q1 – Key Performance Indicators 2018-19 [Enc 6]

Q1 Analysis of Enquiries by Commissioner_Provider_Service Area

Engagement Figures 2018 _ 2019 Q1

Progress report to Board 14.09.18 [Enc 7]